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Wastewater Treatment

Together we work within established budgets to reduce water, energy, waste and surcharge fees, making it possible for our clients to recognize increased revenue and profit. Our senior staff of PE’s and CHMM’s have years of experience solving these complex environmental challenges. Supported by properly trained and equipped field service personnel, SES is uniquely qualified to work in the most restricted industrial environments. Methods that worked in the past may not meet today’s more stringent NPDES or POTW regulations. Changes in facility operations may also require modifications to existing treatment systems.

Field Support Services

Specialty Earth Sciences is a full-service provider. Our job isn’t over once your treatment system has been installed or modernized. From design to operations, we collaborate with our industrial clients to reach and maintain corporate environmental goals. At Specialty Earth Sciences, we understand how vital return on investment is. Our field services division was developed to perform the critical tasks our clients require in order to maintain regulatory compliance, minimize operating costs and maximize productivity. Our field service technicians are experienced, properly trained and equipped professionals, uniquely qualified to work in the most restricted industrial environments.

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