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Since our inception in 2003, Specialty Earth Sciences has invested extensive time and resources in developing innovative environmental remediation solutions for our clients and customers. As a result of these efforts we have developed two novel in situ soil and groundwater remediation technology platforms: Encapsulated Reactant Technologies and Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers.

Encapsulated Reactant Technologies

Specialty Earth Sciences has developed techniques to coat oxidant crystalline particles with a benign, non-toxic, biodegradable, water insoluble, food-grade paraffin wax. Potassium permanganate and sodium persulfate are the most common SOCORE oxidants. These coated or “encapsulated” oxidant particles can then be manufactured into a variety of finished products to meet your needs. SOCORE materials are supplied in cylinder (aka “candle”) form, in sphere (aka “bead”) form, in pellets, or in slabs.

Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers

Directionally Drilled Permeable Reactive Barriers (or DD PRB’s) may be the ideal method to apply your chosen ISCO, ISCR, or bio-remediation product.

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